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'Tech' the halls: Holiday decor goes high tech this season

Monday, 07 December 2009 09:50 ARA Content
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This holiday season, don't just "decorate" with some evergreen and mistletoe - "techorate" using today's hottest home technology, including your flat-screen TV.

Although the kitchen is the traditional setting for a holiday get-together, this year the party is moving to the family room. Whether it's enjoying a bowl game, holiday parade or a classic holiday movie, many family gatherings will take place around the flat-screen - the hearth of the 21st century home. "Technology is now playing an integral role in holiday entertaining, just as it is in all other aspects of our lives," says Doug Wilson, noted interior designer from TLC's "Trading Spaces" and "Moving Up."

"The concept of 'techorating' merges technology and interior design so that a techorated room works together as one, unified space," says Wilson, who is also the resident Techorator for LG Electronics. "The TV has really become the new hearth of the home, and having a harmonious hearth and home is never more important than during the holidays."

Wilson offers a few tips for techorating your home this holiday season:

Tip One: Less is more - a lot more

"Technology doesn't have to stick out in an unattractive way," Wilson says. Streamline your technology and declutter to make it blend more easily with your overall holiday decor. For example, use covers painted to match the wall color to hide wires and connections between your flat screen and audio-visual components. Or use wireless technology to eliminate wire clutter altogether.

For another way to create a really sleek look, upgrade your flat screen to a new ultra-thin model like LG's SL90 series. These high-definition TVs are available in 42- and 47-inch sizes and look nearly as thin as the sheet of glass in their single-layer design for stunning sets that blend beautifully into any decor.

Tip Two: Create a focal point

"Nothing brings the family together better than a good holiday movie so it makes sense to use the television as the focal point for your living room decor," Wilson says. "Wall-mounting your flat screen will improve its visibility from all angles, making it easier to enjoy watching holiday classics with your family."

Flat screens afford you more design flexibility than older TVs, and companies like LG offer a variety of options that combine simple, sleek designs with the latest in high-definition technology to meet your entertainment and decorating needs, Wilson explains.

"Don't be afraid to put the TV above the mantle," he adds. "But do keep in mind that competing design elements like fireplaces, large mirrors and picture windows can make the space look too cluttered."

Tip Three: It's OK to rearrange.

Plenty of people rearrange furniture before the holidays to accommodate the Christmas tree or the gathering of family and friends. If you're planning a holiday gathering based around your favorite bowl game think about rearranging furniture to provide maximum seating and the best possible view of the TV.

The size of your TV screen will help determine where you place your furniture. To locate the perfect spot for your sofa or seating, multiply the size of your screen in inches by 1.5. The result should be the optimal distance (in inches) that you allow for between the TV and sofa.

"These tips will help you 'tech the halls' this holiday season and ensure your technology enhances the holidays for everyone who visits your home," Wilson says. For more techorating tips, visit www.lgusa.com/techorate.

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